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I publish a bunch of essays and articles on this site, but also elsewhere. A selection:

Pizza Toast

I made a little film on pizza toast and kissaten culture:

Preceding that film, the 1st ed. of my new book, Kissa by Kissa (2020), sold out in 48 hours. The 2nd ed. sold out in May, 2021. The third edition is also sold out (August, 2022). And now, unbelievably, we're on a fourth edition!

You can watch a short documentary I made on the making of this book:

The campaign was run on Shopify using my open source crowdfunding templates — Craigstarter. Please let me know if you use them!

I run a membership program called SPECIAL PROJECTS and it provides the emotional and financial backbone for almost all of the work I do. SP members get access to all sorts of SPECIAL stuff (work livestreams, "board member" meetings, members-only podcasts, and more).

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