Issue 038
April, 22, 2020

A Single Link to a Website

15,000 words on walking the Ise-ji

Hopefully Sheltered or at Least Well-Masked Roden Readers —

I realized the other day that I love getting newsletters composed of: A few sentences and a single link. That’s it. “Here’s a thing, check it out.”

I’m planning on writing a more “normal” Roden next week, but for now, here’s a project I just launched. It’s been in the works for months:

Ise-ji: Walk With Me

15,000 words on my December walk along the Ise-ji pilgrimage path.

As I just wrote over in my other newsletter, Ridgeline: “This is the first so-called ‘Explorers Club Special Project’ — that is, an object (book / website / et cetera) completely funded and inspired and aided by my membership program.” So a huge thank you to everyone who has been part of that.

That’s it. Just that one link. (Isn’t there something lovely about that?!)

I’ve been in non-stop production mode for the last few days and can’t really feel my fingers or see straight. I should probably eat something. And sleep. I could use, you know, a hug (heck, I’d even take a bar fight just to get some human contact at this point), but in lieu of a hug (or bar fight), sharing the Ise-ji site with someone you think might dig it is an approximation I’ll take.

Thanks all — more soon. Walk on,