Curing Japan’s America Addiction

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My Role

  • book design (cover & interior)
  • illustration
  • Japanese production management

From the back:

Morita Will Be Heard: When the Japanese media tried to silence one of Japan’s most oft-quoted political analysts, the septuagenarian turned to the foreign press, the Internet and the lecture circuit to talk about the harmful effects of the Koizumi Revolution. Now Minoru Morita is urging Japan to say “No!” to its unhealthy relationship with the US in this hard-hitting exposé of the real effects of the US-led deregulation of Japan.

Learn about the emergence of the working poor, the destruction of the “hundred million middle class” and attempts to turn Japan’s education and medical systems into cash cows for American venture capitalists.

And learn what Morita prescribes for this addiction to market fundamentalism, increasing militarism and rule based on fear. Learn how Japan can turn into a progressive, democratic and independent nation and a force for peace in the world.

Project Details

  • published by Chin Music Press
  • printed in Japan
  • 224 Pages
  • paperback
  • two color printing + one color spot varnish on cover

Design Notes

The production of this release is restrained to keep costs in check. Hitting a price point of $15 (us) while printing in Japan is a difficult feat to achieve (while retaining non-trivial profit margins), but achieve it we did.

In keeping the design bold but simple, we saved significant money on printing costs, while still maintaining a strong binding, good papers and high-quality standards checks.

The book feels excellent — it's balanced, has a handsome heft and because of the high-quality cover papers, demands petting, smelling and other assorted feats of printed object fondling.

It should also be noted that we increased the size of the pages slightly (aprox. 1mm in width and 2mm in height) to match the standard shiroku size of the rest of the Chin Music Press hardcovers. Placed in succession on a shelf, cjaa matches up perfectly.

Typographic Minutiae



Inner chapter opening spreads

Inner chapter opening spreads

Chapter opening spread closeup

Chapter opening spread closeup

Interior editorial design

Interior editorial design

Under the dust jacket

Under the dust jacket
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