Flipboard for iPhone — book
Flipboard for iPhone — book — cover
Flipboard for iPhone — book — cover detail
Flipboard for iPhone — book — interior detail
Flipboard for iPhone — book — information architecture detail
Flipboard for iPhone — book — gridding detail
Flipboard for iPhone — book — git commits
Flipboard for iPhone — book — launch photos
The finished prints, drying
The Adana 21-j hand printing press
Drying test prints
Mixing ink
The plastic die
The Cover Image
Unwrapping the cover
Unwrapping 2
Cover Image Closeup
Title Page Typography
Title page
Inner layout
Cover: 2 color silkscreen w/ 1 color foil stamping on grey cloth.
Inner spreads
Map page spread
Chapter opening illustration spread
Cover and spine
Endpages — detail from illustration throwaway
Inner chapter opening spreads
Chapter opening spread closeup
Interior editorial design
Under the dust jacket
Cover and spine
Chapter opening
Chapter opening detail
Endpages - based off traditional kimono patterns
Back-cover emboss
Cover and spine, from the side
Title page and endpaper
Rex's face poking out of the spines in a line
End pages
Cover and spine
Cover: beneath the dust jacket
Back cover: beneath the dust jacket
Actual cover — clothbound, three color silk screen, two color foil stamp
Cover illustration
Title page
Illustration spread
Interior shot
Chapter opening illustrations (culled from the cover illustration)