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Link Spice is a plugin ("pepper") for the Mint stats software package produced by Shaun Inman.


Link Spice allows you to "tag" your links with campaigns and terms enabling you to track incoming clicks from ad campaigns, newsletters, emailings and any other form of external link you have control over.


Encode any urls linking to your site you wish to track using the standard Google recommended link tags "utm_campaign" and "utm_term." For example, if your homepage is and you want to track incoming links on an August newsletter, you can encode the url as: in the newsletter.

You can differentiate between links to the same page in the same campaign by setting different term encodings. For example, if you have a link in the header of the newsletter and a link in the footer of the newsletter, and they both link to the homepage, you can track how effective each link is by adding different "utm_term" tags.

(urls break over two lines)
Header Link:

Footer Link:


Link Spice v2.0

Link Spice requires Mint 2.0+

Notes & Tips

  • Encode spaces in your urls using "%2b."
  • Try to always pair a keyword with a campaign for more detailed statistics
  • Be creative: things like pdfs with links back to your site are great places to tag links
  • Tag within your site if you want to track flow from a certain page

Link Tags

Link Spice only recognizes the "utm_campaign" and "utm_term" link tags. The first tag is offset with a "?" in the url. The second tag (if you are specifying both a campaign and term) follows the first immediately with an "&". Tag order is irrelevant. You can tag links with both campaigns and terms, or just terms, or just campaigns.



Range of Tracking

Set the number of days back you wish to track your campaigns and keywords in the Mint preferences panel.

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