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Hitotoki is a website collecting stories. Stories connected to specific place. Stories happening in cities around the world.

Hitotoki was founded and launched via collaborative effort between Paul and Chris of AQ and me in Spring of 2007.

Since launch, the site has enjoyed a favorable response from literary communities around the world. Thanks to the efforts of many talented and ambitious editors, the project has managed to expand to cities beyond Tokyo.

The end result of our efforts is an offbeat, quirky response to traditional publishing in an increasingly digital age: strong typography and layout combined with meaningful interactivity (gps place mapping, online publishing workflow, modular construction) and solid editing.

The Stamp

Project Goals:

As people travel through an environment that is new or foreign to them, they often develop brief, intimate and intense memories that combine their emotions, experience and sense of place. This often happens spontaneously and in spaces taken for granted and overlooked. We're asking people to reflect on these uniquely individual moments in mundane surroundings. By doing so we've managed to construct a public representation of a small slice of the private emotional maps or place we all carry within ourselves.

Our goal is to illuminate these personal mappings into a greater whole through short narratives tied to and describing these spacial/emotional relationships. As the number of narratives increases, we hope these maps become well referenced, alternative means of viewing these cities.

The Hitotoki hand carved stamp (carved by AQ's Eiko Nagase)

The Hitotoki hand carved stamp (carved by <a href=http://www.aqworks.com>AQ's</a> Eiko Nagase)

Hitotoki Tokyo

Hitotoki Tokyo

Hitotoki New York

Hitotoki New York

Individual story page with author bio

Individual story page with author bio
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