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Upcoming: 2016

  • I'm being excessively careful about which speaking engagements I take these days. Speaking takes up a tremendous amount of time and energy (the preparing, the flying, the presenting, the returning, the followup) but I love doing it under the right circumstances. So, in 2016, I'm continuing my "speaking hiatus" mandate as set forth in 2015. Obviously, looking below, I didn't hold myself to it strictly. Again, I'll be lecturing at the Yale Publishing Course in the summer, but aside from that, not much is on the docket. If you have a particularly fascinating event you'd like me to speak at, please get in touch. But do so knowing my default response these days is to pass. Thanks kindly in advance for understanding.


I rarely take speaking gigs these days. However, the more audacious the location, the more curious the event, the more willing I am to entertain the idea. I'd love to speak in Burma or Tibet or Bhutan, South Africa, or Morocco. If you'd like to reach out, please email:

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