I'm curious about where books and publishing and storytelling are going as we shift digital.

I think we tend to ask the wrong questions. The interesting questions aren't, "How do we get old books into new media?" or, "How do we continue publishing like we used to online?"

The questions we should be asking are, "How does digital affect books?" or, "What does digital mean for the core ethos of publishing?"

These are the sorts of questions that decouple the idea of books and publishing and storytelling from their physical analogs.

The difference is subtle but fundamental to following all of this down the digital rabbit hole.

I investigate these questions through real-world experiments in publishing and book making. And I love writing, sharing and speaking about what I find.

My talks combine real-world examples, data from my work, book design & publishing theory. They have been known to be theatrical or whimsical, and I draw on my extensive world travels for inspiration and examples.

I can present in English or Japanese. If you'd like to have me speak at your event or conference, email

Upcoming — 2014

  • November — Speaking [English]

    GigaOm RoadMap, San Francisco

    Delight Readers


I rarely take speaking gigs these days. However, the more audacious the location, the more curious the event, the more willing I am to entertain the idea. I'd love to speak in Burma or Tibet or Bhutan, South Africa, or Morocco. If you'd like to reach out, please email:


Hour and half long conversation in Japanese about ... design and books and Japan and digital publishing with the Genron folks.

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